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Welcome to New York Music Publishing.  This page contains information which will be useful to anyone requiring music preparation services.  NYMP was established in 1996 and has been serving the international music scene ever since.  We specialize in providing all forms of music preparation such as film, session work, scores and parts for concert hall and theatre, jazz lead sheets, big band and much more.

We use Sibelius and Finale software, depending on our client’s needs.  Our skilled engravers are all fully trained performing musicians and so we know what makes a score look not just good, but great!  Since we always proof read every score at least three times we have a solid reputation for being 100% accurate.  Following a 2-day recording session of the John Wilson Strings at CTS Studios in London, conductor/arranger John Wilson commented that: “I would especially like to thank David Shenton, who must be the quickest and most accurate copyist on the face of the earth!”  This quote can be found in this and other sleeve notes of subsequent recordings by this orchestra.


Our team consists also of talented (and fully trained) orchestrators, who have worked on all types of projects from solo piano to big band arrangements to full symphonic scores.


We are also much in demand as transcribers of music and have taken down scores from full big band arrangements (where the score is no longer available) to Art Tatum piano solos.  This is surely a very specialized aspect of music preparation and, thus, the price is at its costliest per hour than for simply copying and editing scores and producing parts.


Please send us an email if you think you may require our services and we will gladly send you a quote.  Our prices vary according to project and start at $30 per hour or $12-$50 per page depending on the complexity.


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